Planning ahead of the curve

My name is Frans Pootjes I believe in planning ahead of the curve. My theory is all about bright ideas based on simple human insights, the use of big data and  cutting edge technology. This powerful mix opens new possibilities for brands that need to be there when it counts.

Who on earth is Pootjes?

Pootjes started his career as a Forex dealer for the Amsterdam branch of Banco Do Estado de Sao Paulo. When in Brasil he decided to become a writer and became a set builder for De Nationale Opera Amsterdam. When working as a painter he was asked to join the team of upcoming agency ADMP. From that moment Pootjes is in advertising. As a writer, manager, creative, journalist and strategist.

Key to great content: Pootjes and LABV CEO Willem Bunjes

Pootjes is equipped with a fine nasal muscus for news, trends and triggers.

Expert in digital brand activation, multichannel retail and sales platforms.

Able to shift from big-picture marketing plans to the details of execution.

Digital native and content specialist: writer, editor and manager for brands.

Specialized in the development, planning and execution of content across many channels.










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